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The Age of Asparagus

What many do know about asparagus is that there is no letting the yellow mellow during asparagus season! What many don’t know about asparagus is that you don’t get full production from a crop until the 3rd growing season. You plant crowns early in the spring of year 1 and let it grow out, then in year 2, you harvest for a few weeks before letting it grow out. Finally, in year 3 it can be harvested for a full 6 week period, usually mid-April through the end of May. The first two years are spent establishing the crowns, which can yield good harvests for more than 20 years! Asparagus production at Filasky’s Produce began in 2012. We harvest our asparagus about 5 days per week depending on the weather. The field is affectionately known as ‘The Asparagus Gym’ as you bend and cut (not to be confused with bend and snap) each stalk just below the soil line, it is quite a workout! Don’t let the fresh asparagus window close without enjoying some from the oven, stovetop, or grill.

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